Procurement Phase Completed

Project update from Peter Watson – 22nd Nov 2016

“I am delighted to be able to tell you that we signed our contract with Tribal Education Services on Friday for the purchase of their student record system, SITS, which will replace the current system, QL.

The procurement process started in February this year and we have come quite a long way in a short space of time – with over 60 staff involved in a very thorough and robust process. Thank you to those of you who were able to take part in these sessions.

A number of you will be familiar with the SITS product from time at other Universities. Tribal is the market leader, in use in circa 90 Institutions in the UK and another 66 globally. We are confident that we have procured the best product for UAL, which will support our business now and will also allow us to adapt to future requirements and changes in the sector.

We will be working in earnest with Tribal from January 2017 to agree the finer details around the implementation; the first area to go live will be Admissions in time for the 2017/18 cycle.

This is not just an IT project, it is a business change project and we are taking the opportunity to align and make more efficient all the process that lead to data being input, used and extracted from the record system.  We have already arranged Admissions workshops, with input from staff including academic staff to help with the first phases of this aspect of the project. We will be arranging further workshops to support the other areas of the student journey from January 2017 and will be involving a cross section of staff and students in these events.

Implementation will be a long process and will be a complex programme of work which will take almost three years to complete, we will endeavor to keep you updated as we progress through key milestones. In the interim if you have any comments of queries please discuss with your head of service or email 

We look forward to working with you on the implementation of a new student record system. 

Best wishes,