A new Governance Structure put in place; why?

As some of you may be aware, we have reviewed and revised the Governance structure for the SSR Project. We thought it important to ensure we have board membership reflective of the Project requirements for this stage of the project, as we move from procurement and into implementation.

The first board meeting with the new membership was held on 2nd February, with the next meeting to be held on 20th April.

We’ve created a helpful diagram which should illustrate the new structure:

In addition to this, we now have a new programme manager for NGSS, Adrian Bryant who joined us last week. Adrian comes from Imperial where he was responsible for a similar system implementation.

Within the main SSR webpage, we’ve included a section which lists all of the Project team members and board members along with their contact details.

Communication Strategy approved; what to expect?

We see it as vital to deliver accurate, consistent and timely information about the project to both staff and students and so have developed a communication strategy to do so. This was approved in the February board meeting which coincides with the rolling out of the implementation stage of the project.

The strategy intends to interact through a variety of communication methods; from roadshows and workshops, to posters, webpages and newsletters, so that all audiences are reached. Further to this, we will be seeking feedback throughout the project to ensure continuous improvement and an agile approach – we want staff and students be involved and for the project to be transparent.

To support this important work Angus Robertson joined the team as Communications Officer in March, he will be reporting to Alix Barker.

With this all in mind, please keep checking the webpage and this blog, along with emails for all updates on the project. We will also be hosting a number of roadshows and workshops as face-to-face involvement is so important to this project and its success.

January 2017 kicked off the implementation stage of the SSR project

As we know the procurement stage was completed in November of last year with us successfully signing a contract with Tribal for the provision of the new student system. This leads us onto the implementation stage which kicked off in January of this year.

The implementation stage involves the rolling out and testing of the new system in its first stages. The next three years will see phased implementation of SRS (Student Record System), with the first phase going live in September 2017. The first phase launches admissions functionality of application for all areas: FE, UG, PGT and PGR which will be using the new SRS to process all aspects of applications for student intake in September 2018. With not a great deal of time before this launch it is important that tasks are completed in a timely manner in order to achieve this.

Our ‘to be’ workshops began in December with Applications, PGR, Offer Management & Compliance completed and in write up stage. These will be taken to process realisation stage sessions with Tribal next week.

Detailed planning is underway for the remaining sessions. Currently 120 processes have been identified as requiring re-design, 86 of which will be via workshops. Once we have more specifics about timings and logistics of these sessions we will let you know.

Below is a diagram which should help illustrate the stages of implementation in a more visual manner: