SSR Project branding has been approved

Following on from the recent Project Board on April 20th,  the SSR project officially has a recognisable brand identity which will be used across all comms material put out within the University over the lifecycle of the project. With the project spanning a relatively long period of time we thought it vital that there will be a strong and consistently recognisable identity throughout this time.

The idea behind the branding concept is to feature visual and conceptual progressions (evolution) of a visual element, as we reveal further stages of the SITS product the visual element evolves and progresses with us. This is being illustrated through a geometric element which evolves at each stage of the project representing our evolution of product, process and culture.

We’re very pleased with the outcome and look forward to rolling it out as we communicate more and more about the project with everyone.

The design team have created a set of branded templates for presentations and reports etc. which we will link on the main SSR webpages for you to download and use.