Tuesday Team Meeting 20/06/17

This week’s meeting covered various updates and progressions in the project.


We should expect an internal audit in the near future. This is something which all universities experience, due to the size of the project we should expect 3 or 4 with this being the 2nd.

Interviews for a replacement Business Change Manager are on Friday 23rd of June.

The road show is under way, representatives from the project are visiting each of the colleges at various meetings in order to communicate with academics about the project. With this the visual comms material has been approved, see below for examples.

Now & Next 

The High Level Plan has now been approved, with some details able to change if problems are noticed. This will now be used to plan resources.

It is looking like a yes to implement the Student Accounting Module but on a slower timescale so as to avoid a ‘Big Bang’ effect. This of course will involve a significant expansion of the project.

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