Tuesday Team Meeting 08/08/17

Lead by Project Manager, Adrian Bryant, this week’s meeting was a positive overview of how well the project is progressing as we draw closer to the first ‘go-live’ date.


There has been a lot of resource planning and baselining across streams, making sure that there are enough staff in place when they are needed also that there are enough for the lifespan of each work stream.

Testing ahead of Admissions ‘go-live’ has been going well so far, a lot of issues have been ironed out already and this phase almost completed.

Working closely with Edge on the test strategy, this is going well so far with the test strategy and process on Version 0.5.

There are a number of new members of the team who have or about to join in the coming weeks –

Robert Sprigens (PMO Analyst)

Simon Bedford – Robertson (IT BA)

Lorraine Doyle (Test Manager)

Kirstie Hanney (Project Manager)

Bear Shaw (Business Change Manager)


Now and Next 

Working hard at trying to bring everyone to the same technical knowledge level. This involves educating both existing staff members and the many new ones joining in the coming weeks and months.


Key Dates

Coming up, there will be a few training dates prior to the go-live of admissions.

The general consensus at this stage was positive, we are very much on target for go-live of admissions with everything heading in the right direction. With the continued hard work from the team we should see everything moving towards where we want it.